Pyari performing at a Goa Trance party in Rendsburg, 1995



THE first theater group to be grounded by Pyari was the "Love Celophane Road Show", which she did em 1993, together with the Dutch actor Srajano, with whom she, Avinash, Atman and Adhara moved to Holland, where they lived in the north country side, before moving to Harlem, and later on, to Amsterdam, where they did the first performance, in one of those marvelous ships from Adam.


AFTER a couple of fantastic months, Srajano began performing erotic shows on his own and "The Love Celophane Road Show" went on performing, later on in several cities around the world.


When Atman and Adhara went also their own ways, Pyari and Avinash stayed faithful to creativity and further performed, in dance or theater shows, often introducing friends or music partners and later on, the grand daughter Nayara.






Inspired by Isadora Duncan, Yoko Ono and by the brazilian theater of absurdity, where for decades people like Chacrinha ou Luis Carlos Maciel have mastered the stages, Pyari adds esoteric elements to her performances, which always point to the search of realizing god, buda, tao or yoga - or howsoever you want to call it- in the deepest core of  "our" beings.


And she offer these performances to bring color and glamour to "your" parties, wherever you are in this planet - as Mata Hari and Isadora Duncan used to do.